חווה מנדלבוים פאה קאסם דגם חווה


Hava Mandelboim specializes in styling, selling and taking care of wigs, with an experience of more than 24 years. During those years she kept on learning and specializing with top wig stylers, in Israel and abroad. Hava is constantly updated with the latest trends and developments in wig styles in Israel and world-wild and also develops her own looks and styles.

During her long years of activity in the area, Hava had gained a reputation of an excellent service provider. Every customer makes an appointment and gets her own private time, without having to be disturbed by other clients which are waiting for their turn. During the appointment Hava dedicates the entire time only to the customer and her needs. This attitude allows Hava to serve the customer with patience and to attend to her special needs with sensitivity and professionalism. Hava matches the wig and its style to the shape of the face (e.g. round, rectangle, etc.) to provide an appealing appearance of the customer wearing the wig, so that it will bring out her beauty and create a young and up-to-date look. All that is done in accordance with the customer, so that she will be able to leave the appointment with the most pleasant feelings.

Hava has customers from all around Israel and the globe (There are customers from abroad that make appointments prior to their visit to Israel) which keep returning to Hava for buying, styling and caring of wigs because of her unique abilities.

Hava also specializes (over 20 years) in professional make-up for brides, catalogs and special occasions. Her skills and knowledge in that area also help her with matching the right wig for the customers and with deciding on which wigs should be imported, so that they will match the different skin and face types.

About the Wig

A wig is fashionable solution for hair covering.

A wig is excellent for the following cases:

Religious married women that needs to cover their hair from religious reasons.

Hair loss, caused by genetic reasons.

Hair loss caused by diseases like cancer, or by trauma.

For special occasions – instead of going to a hair-dresser for a one-night hairdo, or purchasing expensive  hair extension – The cost of a wig is less than the cost of a hairdo or hair extensions for an occasion and lasts for other occasions.

פאות למי מתאיםyael

In order to meet the needs of many clients, Hava Mandelboim, decided to search for high level wigs that are manufactured abroad. She had purchased wigs from different wig manufacturers around the globe and tested their color quality and resistance and their suitability to the weather in Israel (which is different than the weather in most of the countries abroad). The examination had weighted all the important factors including of course the style and colors availability.

The search and examinations resulted with high level wigs made of microfiber hair, which looks exactly like wigs from human hair. Anyone that does not know that those wigs are made from microfiber thinks it’s a wig from human hair.

The wigs have an up-to-date, which fits both for daily use and for Holiday and Shabat.

There is a large and special variety of colors.

The high quality of the wigs cause it to keep its shape, style and color for a longer time period than any other synthetic wig that currently exist in Israel.

Also the maintenance of the wig is so simple, that you can easily take care of the wig after getting instructions from Hava or a wig-seller recommended by us in your living area.

The wig is very light and comfortable, so that you can wear it a long time without even remembering that you wear it.

The wig is manufactured in a unique way that allows a very good air circulation and a comfortable feel which is suitable also to those who have sensitive scalps.

Hava also keeps selling, styling and taking care of wigs from human hair (Custom wigs)

Brand Exclusivity

Yes, you also deserve an international brand wig

Hava holds an exclusive franchise to import the wigs of HairPower collection of Ellen-Wille Company. This franchise was granted to Hava after an examination done by the company to make sure she meets the high standards of that company.

Ellen-Wille is an international European company, which is active around the globe and was founded by Mrs. Ellen-Wille.

For more than 45 years, ellen wille THE HAIR-COMPANY GmbH has stood for high-quality; Providing sophisticated wigs, hairpieces, headwear and accessories for specialist retailers, as well as national and international wholesalers.

Utilising modern techniques and designed with the newest fashion trends in mind, each and every model is tailored to the requirements of our valued customers. Whether the wig is being used for medical reasons or as a fashion accessory, all ellen wille products are distinguished by the highest level of quality and comfort.

To this day, the company’s founder and hair designer, Ellen Wille actively and significantly contributes to the creation of every single wig model. Driven by perfectionism, down to the smallest of details, Ellen Wille has a deep passion for this profession and a skilled eye for the latest trends. Her profound knowledge and experience is an ever-present strength in all ellen wille products.

All the wigs from ellen wille are ready to wear and ready to style. In addition to the skillfully created, fashionable styles and the standards attributed to the ellen wille signature, the design process incorporates new innovations which in turn, shape and characterise each of the company’s products.

If you require rooted colors, lace-fronts, especially soft materials or an elaborate cap, ellen wille is consistently at the forefront of design with ideas that make her models increasingly natural, beautiful and comfortable. This is why ellen wille THE HAIR COMPANY GmbH is the European market leader, time and again, setting the standard for quality and comfort.

The company holds more than 2,500 square meters of office and storage facilities and 4 factories that produce the wigs. The ellen wille team are constantly working towards the continued success of ellen wille THE HAIR COMPANY GmbH.

Medical wigs

Medical wigs is a generic name to wigs that are used as in cases of hair loss.

Using a wig that fits a woman that suffers from hair loss may enable her to keep on living her daily life without anyone knowing about her condition. Nice appearance may assist with gaining higher self-confidence and a comfortable feeling and therefore assist the healing process.

Wigs for hair loss

Hair loss could be partial in the front part of the scalp (usually from hereditary reasons). In that case you can use hair extensions that can provide a natural appearance. In other cases of hair loss, the wig is the perfect solution, as there are wigs in a large variety of styles and colors that can fit any woman. Moreover you can buy a wig for special occasions and a wig for daily use.

Hair loss can be also temporary as a result of trauma and pregnancy and a wig can be used until this temporary situation is over.

Wigs for cancer patients

Wearing a wig enables cancer patients that lose their hair as a result of the treatment against cancer to maintain their natural appearance. They may keep on living their daily life without anyone knowing about their disease. The patient can plan prior to the beginning of the treatment and be ready with the right wig once the hair starts to shed.

Hava can offer the perfect solution in that case with her experience of over 24 years and the wigs that she imports, she can fit the right wig for every woman. Also if you have a sensitive skin Hava have the solution for you – a medical cap made out of natural materials that prevents the friction. The cap allows the skin to breath and also keeps the body temperature both in winter and summer.

It’s advisable to purchase the wig prior to the treatment, so that there is enough time to find the right wig and also to get used to it and to the new appearance prior to the treatments.

Hava is a professional makeup artist for more than 20 years, which helps her with matching the right wig, but also with giving additional tips to the patient on how to look good at this difficult period of life.

The medical wig plays a big part in the healing process, therefore, patients are entitled to refund from the healthcare companies Meuhedet , Maccabi,  Clalit,, Leumit.

The amount of refund depends on the healthcare company and insurance type, so any patient should be check the amount of refund she is entitled to.


Hava is a makeup artist for over 20 years, has a big experience with make-up for brides, occasions and catalogs. Make up should be adjusted to the location and time of the date. The experience and materials that Hava uses allows her to make those adjustments and also use the proper products that will last for many hours without losing the brightness and livelihood.

The make-up for all the models in this site was done by Hava. You can see how every model and wig gets the right makeup, so you can easily imagine the results that can be achieved if Hava does your make-up.